Fitness Friday

by Kristen L. on January 11, 2013

This post marks two this week, so I’m (somewhat) meeting my New Year’s Resolution of posting more! There hasn’t been much going on over here this week. We finally finished painting all the rooms in the house, so that’s one more thing to cross off the huge “To Do” list for home improvements. Next up is a upstairs bathroom re-do. The bathroom is super tiny, so the goal is to free up some space by installing a smaller tub and installing more storage under the sink. We also need to replace the mirror over the sink and I’ve been pinning a bunch of stuff on Pinterest (follow me!) to get some inspiration. I love all the beautiful interiors people can come up with, but I don’t have much of a knack for interior design. Hopefully we can create something halfway decent. And if anyone knows where you can purchase a tiny tub, let me know!

gorgeous bathroom

Can’t I just have this bathroom?

I took a #FITNESSFRIDAY hiatus last week, but it’s back! I cut back on doing a lot of circuit type stuff this week, since next week is the start of the Fitmixer Boot Camp. I won a space in the boot camp through Your Trainer Paige (which is an awesome blog with some great workouts) and I’m looking forward to shaking up my routine a bit and trying some new exercises. The workouts are created so that they can be done at home, but I still plan on keeping up my running regiment, so I’ll still hit the gym at least a couple of times a week. The boot camp also comes with products (protein powders + aminos), which I haven’t received yet, and a meal plan. I’m not too concerned with losing weight, but I’d be curious to try out the meal plan to at least cut out some of the crappy stuff that I eat.


Yesterday and today brought a return to the Stairmaster, which I used to swear by when I was in peak marathon condition a few years ago. I immediately start sweating profusely once I’m on there, but it’s a great cardio workout and also builds up your quads and hamstrings, which mimics the abuse brought on by a hilly marathon course. I was doing the Stairmaster for 20 to 30 minutes after my treadmill workouts at the gym while I was training for Boston in 2006 and ran a 3:33.03, my current best time. I haven’t used the machine much since, and since I’m preparing for a spring marathon, it’s time to re-introduce it to my training.

The background picture to my #FITNESSFRIDAY graphic was taken by my husband on our walk around Hewitt Farm in North Stonington on Saturday. Hewitt Farm is a large property right outside of Foxwoods Casino that features a bunch of trails and paths. I’ve tried running there a few times, but the terrain is a bit wild. It was excellent for a nice walk with the dog, though, who had fun exploring the woods.




Climbing Tippin Rock

We have plans to go ice skating in New London this weekend, along with the usual errands. Maybe I can make it to three posts this week!

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