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by Kristen L. on December 14, 2012

How is it 2 weeks until Christmas?! Crazy. I’ve been so distracted by some of the other pressures going on right now that it feels like I’m letting the holiday pass me by. I’m going to try and be better about taking the time out to enjoy the reflective time that the season brings and appreciate being around family and loved ones. We’ll be traveling for Christmas but we’re enjoying some of the festive holiday activities around here until then.

Tomorrow, we’re going to the Garde Arts Center in New London for their version of the Nutcracker. They offered a great military discount, which is always nice, and they put their own spin on it by setting the ballet in New London (hence the whaling ship in the background of the picture). Last year, we saw Albano’s Nutcracker at Mohegan Sun but I didn’t care for it, since we were high up in the rafters of the basketball stadium. You could barely see the stage AND someone barfed in the aisle right next to us halfway through the show. I’ve never been to the Garde Arts Center, but I have to imagine the venue is much more intimate and conducive to watching a ballet.

Dave and I are on day 22 of our #RWRUNSTREAK. My legs are definitely feel the fact that I haven’t taken a real rest day in three weeks. My left shin as been bothering me a bit, so I’m probably going to only do a few miles this weekend. Working out has been a great stress reliever the past couple of weeks and I think I get a bit carried away with pounding out my frustrations on the treadmill and the road. I’ve been doing some fun body weight, circuit style workouts as well. I really enjoy the ones created by Caitlin over at Fit Fab Cities. I usually do them after my run and they’re a great (sweaty) way to get some exercises in that I normally would just skip.

Speaking of challenges, I’m also taking part in the #Elf4Health Challenge, hosted by Elle over at The Nutritionella and Lindsay from The Lean Green Bean. The challenge runs from Thanksgiving to January 6, 2013 and you are tasked with various healthy challenges to complete daily. You are assigned a fellow blogger who is also taking on the challenge and you check in with them every day or so and lend encouragement and ideas. I missed the first 2 weeks of the Challenge, but I’m going to do the tasks on my own after the formal time period is up so I get my whole 6 weeks in. So far, the tasks have been to organize your pantry/fridge, workout with a buddy, consume 3 servings of veggies before 2 PM and increasing your water intake. I’ll have more to say about the challenge and how I’ve done with the tasks but it’s been a great way to be more conscious about what I’m eating over the holiday season and the importance of giving back to the community. Some of the tasks are charitable in nature and include buying coffee for the person behind you and donating to a local toy or food drive. It’s been fun getting to know my buddy, Katie from Talk Less, Say More and staying accountable.

Speaking of my #Elf4Health buddy, she invited me to participate in her weekly #FitnessFriday link-up party! According to Katie, #FitnessFriday is “an opportunity for you to share your week of workouts, a new workout you created, a new move you’re loving, a workout program you started / how you’re doing with it, the struggles you’re facing with your workouts or the successes you’re seeing.” Source

I’m going to make an effort to incorporate #FitnessFriday every week so I can share my workouts and stay accountable. Also, it’s a fun excuse to use PicMonkey!The burpee workout I referred to is from Katie as well! You can find it here. Instead of burpees with legs to the left and legs to the right, I did box jump burpees. It’s short but super effective and I finished tired and spent. Thanks, Katie!

Box jump burpees: Box Jump Burpee Demo

Here’s to the weekend!

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Katie @ Talk Less, Say More December 14, 2012 at 6:21 PM

Yay! SO glad you joined in! Besides, who doesn’t love PicMonkey? ;)


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